The Dance of the Maidens

The Dance of the Maidens
written January 31, 2018
by Adryanna Kenna Sadge


I see the fire burning bright like embers
in the night.  A holy sight to see—a lovely chalice
to behold.  Whispering dreams;
fortunes untold.  Slight of hand;
the mysteries unfold.

Rhythmic dance in perfect rhyme; harmonies
and melodies intertwined.  Dancing around the fire; 
burning logs all aglow.  Round and round
the maidens go chanting with heartfelt gusto.

The energy rises near and far
connecting to a beautiful tapestry.
Graceful movements creating synchronicity; 
becoming one with Earth, Fire, Air, and Water;
so mote it be.

Spirit watches from high above; sending
out unconditional cosmic love.  Hands caressing
the evening stars—feet massaging the soil beneath.
The wind lifts the flames to the heavens;
the moisture cools the beaten ground.



Abundance all around us as we connect
deep within.  Our own shining truth
a beacon in the night.  Our hearts wide open
as darkness settles in.  An empathetic hand
welcoming an old friend.

Nothing to fear.  Nothing to hide.
The truth buried within now finally unveiled.
A sigh of relief as the war finally ends—two
warring Queens now finally friends. 

The alpha and the omega—the yin

and the yang.  Peaceful forever
as long as love remains,

first and foremost, the connecting entity.

Guidance and wisdom found in the moonlight;
stillness and depth in one’s inner silence
bringing visions of truth; surrendering
to a peaceful, calm serenity.


One last cry echoes throughout the lands
as energies converge on this blessed night.
Hearts connected—we are one.
The Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars;
like lightning and thunder—the perfect storm.

Release, release, release, and so it shall.

Transmutation.  Transformation.
Our souls connecting with the Divine’s
white light.  Cleansing and purifying
traumas of the past.  Giving way
to the blessings of the night.

Our souls singing beautiful harmonies
of love and lightwelcoming the challenges
of each life; expressing gratitude
for each breath rooted
in the here and now.