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Welcome to the Transformational Series

Ruby Transformation Oracle Artware by   Sonya Shannon  . Reposted from  .

Ruby Transformation Oracle Artware by Sonya Shannon.
Reposted from

Everyone in this entire world experiences transformations.  When we undergo various life changes such as puberty, adulthood, job gain/loss, graduations, marriage/divorce, illnesses, career changes, the birth of families, loss of loved ones; we all walk through a transformation.  There may be times when we feel stuck, and of course, times when we feel elated either at the onset of transformation or when we’ve traveled through to the other side.  Interesting, however, is that we may consciously choose to undergo a specific type of transformation—a Spiritual Transformation.  It is sometimes triggered by life-changing events and requires deep introspection, retrospection, respect, and integrity.  The Transformational Series, partially inspired by working with Sonya Shannon’s Transformation Oracle deck, will explore my own Spiritual Transformation in hopes of helping others find the courage to continue their path and/or inspire others to embark on this journey.

For most things, I imagine starting at the beginning would be wonderful and logical.  However, so much has happened throughout my life requiring at least a thousand-page novel or a mini-series at best.  The most pressing information I need to share with you is really in this moment, and then, of course, backing up to a new beginning and jumping around to wherever Spirit takes me.  I realize that reading is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  You may eventually be able to watch the video and skip the book.


Throughout my life, I have been somewhat dedicated to my own personal and spiritual growth.  I’ve educated myself, tried to stay on the right side of right, expressed compassion and empathy, helped others where I was able, productive citizen, and basically all the things that our society has identified as indicators of personal and spiritual growth.  I have a college education.  I served in the military.  I donated to various charities.  I pay taxes every year.  I’ve never had to spend a night, or more, in a jail cell for a criminal offense (extending love and compassion to activists and the wrongly accused).

Yet, here I am a 37-year-old woman receiving unemployment* while patiently waiting for the start of a new employment opportunity that will cover the bills my business is unable to pay at this moment.  A couple of months ago I was almost homeless.  Tangled up in credit cards and student loans, paying bills a few days or weeks late, worried about food for my furbabies and for myself, and even worse, throwing my energy all over the place trying to get some sense of direction.


The most wonderful part of it all?  I created this mess.  I also helped create the beauty in my life.  My wonderful family and furbabies, the opportunity to attend Naropa University this fall, the employment opportunity I received, and most important, a new-found love of Self. 

My furbabies saved me ten times over.  They brought love and joy back into my heart.  They greet me every morning and every time I come home.  My family supports everything I do—even when it seems a bit out there. 

Through a love of Self, I am rediscovering spirituality and my relationship with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all their inhabitants.  I’m developing a deeper relationship with Source, Divine, Spirit, God/dess, Creator.  Each day I feel closer to being “at one with the Universe”.

While this is somewhere near the end, middle, and beginning of my journey, I’m understanding who I am, who I want to be, and how I can live authentically every single moment of every single day.  My spiritual path is unfolding—sometimes quite quickly and other times rather slowly—but it’s unfolding and breathing and inspiring me to open my heart to the offerings of the Divine, so I may give to you.

Please understand in this moment I feel this truth so powerfully, however, in the next moment I might very well question and doubt my own spiritual transformation.  The important thing to remember:  Be patient.  Be kind.  There will always be a beginning and an ending, but there will also be a point of decline and growth; stagnation and tranquility; refinement and nourishment.  We will experience moments of defeat followed by triumph.  And it’s okay.  It’s all part of the transformation and it’s all beautiful …


As are you!  Stay inspired and never give up!!

Until next time …

Many, many blessings,



*For those who may be concerned about receiving unemployment while operating a business, in the State of Colorado, as long as you disclose any and all self-employment income, you remain eligible for unemployment.

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